In being exposed to Silvia Tolisano’s model:







I feel that I wanted to push myself in the last step.

Amplify. Having started a blog recently and a twitter account ,

I want to maximise my impact and refine the way I reflect…

Some small tips I have picked up to connect more are:

-Ask people to retweet your posts.

-Ask the right people.

-Ask for feedback.

-Use Hashtags

-Plug ins to help

-Use Visuals

-Market Yourself- documenting the work you do with others.

It was a poignant comment which Silvia explained during our two day PD. People are our filters for information. When there is so much information swarming online today, it is easy to get overwhelmed or even know where to start. Who to connect with. Using people and reaching out to people as your starting point.

The below animation illustrates how I see this…

So from this, I have tried a few things with my own blog in order to make more connections. However, as an ELearning coordinator I need to now reflect on helping others to amplify their passions and amplify the learning that is happening.


In perusing the below links..

I find it helpful in thinking of how to encourage others to reach out, share and collaborate. Some ideas I am wondering about…

Twitter/Blog workshops or Teach Meets

PD sharing time that encourages teachers to be aware of each other’s online presence.

Documenting my learning journey with social media and sharing with teachers how things progress.

Connecting teachers to have regular online meetings/collaborative sessions

Using Google Drive and Apps to have collaborative folders and easy sharing of learning.

Films to document and share

Asking advice and including others in my research

Connecting with online groups and conferences

Just a few ideas but I think it’s a start!