Currently I am participating in a workshop with the wonderful Silvia Tolisano , She began the workshop asking us to introduce ourselves and share what our passion is. We then posted a ‘selfie’ with our passion labelled underneath.

Hilary Passion


I was confronted with the idea of taking a ‘selfie’. I have never taken and posted a selfie in my life. I agreed to do it because I think it is important to proudly acknowledge and own your own beliefs. If you are passionate about something you don’t need to be reserved about it. If you’re passionate, you will hunt down anyone or anything that will help you grow and you will share what you think in anyway in the hope that not only will you influence others but that they will connect with you.

So often in my life have I heard of the teaching profession in a derogatory manner. The old phrase ‘Those that can do, those that can’t, teach’. That haunts every teacher everywhere I am sure.

I believe, as participants in education, we need to value our passions. We need to see our role as not just ‘teacher’. I don’t say ‘I wake up and go to work’, I say ‘I wake up and encourage children to see the possibilities in the world’, ‘I wake up and make the world a more magical place’.