I have to admit I was sheltered from the world of social media (at least the more exciting uses of it) until a year or so ago. I did not see it’s worth beyond the vain and often mundane tool for posting what you ate for breakfast.

However, something convinced me to explore it further and I have a little story to tell you that may enlighten you to what is possible in the world we live in today…


One day on instagram I saw a photo that intrigued me. My drawing above represents part of what I saw. I saw a photo of what looked like a caravan that had legs and character. The post said something like ‘come to the festival today and see what’s happening’.

I looked up the festival.

I drove straight there.

I found the caravan.

I asked the people there who they were and what the caravan was.

My world opened up a little. I discovered that the caravan was created by a couple of puppeteers. Inside I experienced a completely new form of storytelling that I had never experienced before. I made a connection and was able to make connections to creative professionals and education. I was inspired and I had to marvel that it all started because of seeing an image on instagram an hour earlier.

The puppeteers’ website is below:

I thought it was important to share this experience because this is the world we live in today. The immediacy of social media can also combine with our physical reality. The two worlds collide. I personally have realised the power of this in my own life. Another reason to keep documenting, sharing and exposing children to the resources available to them and how it can make the most impact in their learning.