A kinder teacher asked me to help her with a problem. She was trying to use an app and we fiddled for ages until I said..’hang on.. what do you actually want to do?’ (not what you want the app to do). She wanted to allow parents to look at a drawing then using a device they could get more information by viewing a video of the child explaining their work.

The solution was QR codes…



She has displayed work and informed parents of the system and they are now understanding the learning and experiences behind the work they see on the walls. The children get excited about the secret code as well and by seeing that they have a real audience, they are able to improve the way they explain and present their work.

When QR codes came out I was a bit hesitant to like them. But as they have been used more and more in the ‘real world’ I think it’s great that children learn and experience this useful tool.

Like Banksy, we might take this tool further and plant QR codes around the playground and children can hunt for them or create them for each other…